No Pets Clause

Landlord Tips: No Pets Clause

Landlords be vigilant against this waiver of the No pets clause. Did you know that it is possible for a tenant to keep a pet even if their lease has a no pets clause ?   If your tenant open and notoriously maintains a pet for three months and you, as the Landlord, fail to bring a case in Court, this could constitute a waiver. According to Section 27-2009.1 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York: Where […]

Tenant Tips: Apartment Rentals

Renters and Landlords Have an Attorney Review your Lease  I have seen many apartment rental problems in New York City real estate. One that keeps coming to the forefront and ending up in court is lease issues. Not fully understanding lease terms can create legal issues  for rent overcharges, non-payments, eviction, and Air BnB violation cases among others. It is critical that before signing a lease agreement you are fully aware of the terms and conditions set forth therein. I […]

Tenant Tips: Warranty of Habitability

You have the right to live in a safe and clean home. Under the Warranty of Habitability NYC tenants  have the right to live in a safe and clean apartment. If your apartment has any of the below conditions document them and notify your landlord in writing. Make sure to keep copies of all communication to and from your landlord as well as pictures of the problems. Asbestos which could become air-borne in the tenants’ apartment. Broken floor tiles which create […]

Tenant Tips: Rent Stabilized

Are You Paying Too Much In Rent?  Could your apartment be rent stabilized? More often than not we find that there are tenants living in homes unaware of their rent stabilization status. If you live in a building that was constructed before 1974 that has six or more units check with the Division of Housing and Community Renewal and request a rent history statement for your apartment. Additionally, you can also start by checking if your building is listed as rent […]